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The KDK6-NARQZ8ZN-2T DVR camera system includes an 16 channel Hybrid IP/Analog Security DVR and 8 CCD night vision outdoor cameras offering more stability.

Sony Imaging Chip Inside

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16CH CCTV Hybrid IP/Analog Security DVR Surveillance System with 8 Sony CCD Outdoor Cameras & 2TB HD


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ZMD-DH-SEN6-2TB 16CH CCTV Security Real time Standalone SDVR with 2TB HD;

ZMD-P4-NARBZ4ZN-BK Black Sony CCD Camera Kit-Retail Box;

16 Channel H.264 High Profile Full D1 Hybrid IP/Analog DVR Security Camera System with 8 Sony CCD Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Cameras & 2TB Hard Drive

The KDE6-NARQZ6ZN-2T DVR camera system includes an 16 channel security Hybrid DVR with 2TB HD and 8 CCD night vision outdoor cameras ,offering everything you need to have your surveillance system up and running in your home or businesses quickly and easily. This 16 channel video surveillance system provides everything you will need to protect your home or business, safeguard your loved ones, and deter intruders. It makes home and business security simple with its ease of setup and operation.

This hybrid DVR ZMD-DH-SEN6-2TB is designed to work with both IP network cameras and analog security cameras. With this advanced 16 channel Hybrid DVR/NVR, you can easily integrate surveillance system and IP cameras, and load analog and digital video data into the same interface to become a comprehensive hybrid solution.

The ZMD-CNR-BBB23NM Outdoor IR Security Camera Featuring imaging provided by a 1/4" Sony CCD image sensor, this indoor and outdoor CCTV camera delivers crystal color video image in daylight, as well as black and white video in darkness up to 65ft away with 24 built in IR LEDS.

View on PC, Mac or On a Smart Phone

This system allows you to view your footage, no matter the time or location. Access your DVR’s footage over the internet on PC or Mac, or directly from your Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, Symbian™, Windows Mobile®, or BlackBerry®.

For Mac, it supports one channel live viewing on Mozilla or all channel viewing on Safari browser (Tested on both Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Mavericks); For PC, it supports either the desktop software or an Internet Explorer browser to have full video viewing functionality, playback, and full menu functionality.

Hybrid DVR, Supports both Analog Cameras & Onvif IP Cameras

This hybrid DVR combines the functions of DVR/HVR/NVR together, multi-mode input ( support pure analog input, support analog + network HD video input, support pure network HD video input). It lets you use currently installed analog security equipment along with newer network IP technology.

Sony Imaging Chip Inside, Crisp & Clear Image with True Color

High quality 1/4" Sony CCD image sensor provides a crisp, clear and consistent image utilizing 420 TV lines of resolution. The camera delivers true color image with no color variation.

24 LEDs, Up to 65ft IR Night Vision

24 infrared (IR) LEDs activate automatically in low-light or no-light situations to allow you to see up to 20 meters (65feet) away, and deactivate once lighting conditions are brighter.

It’s H.264 High Profile

Not Baseline, Not Main Profile, It’s H.264 High Profile

The High Profile is the most powerful profile in H.264, and it allows most efficient coding of video. High Profile reduces the required network bandwidth for video by up to 50%. High Definition video calls that required over 1 megabit per second using Baseline Profile are now supported at just 512 kilobits per second with High Profile.

Full 16CH D1

Full 16CH D1 Real Time Recording and Playback

The full D1 DVR can record and playback real-time video and audio at D1 (720x480) resolution on every channel. That's right! This unit can record up to 724 x 480 at 30fps on all channels simultaneously, which results in smooth, continuous video motion and a larger D1 video image for improved recognition of people. It is ideal for use in casinos, for license plate capture, facial detection or anywhere that high resolution images are paramount.

HDMI / VGA / BNC Synchronous Video Outputs

HDMI / VGA / BNC Synchronous Video Outputs

With HDMI, VGA and BNC Video outputs, you can operate several different monitors simultaneously. It allows you to connect to up to one HD television, a computer monitor and two standard-definition televisions for viewing purpose. This gives you more options when viewing the activity captured by your cameras.

Handy Application of 16CH Video Loop Out

Want to show every customer that they are watched since they are walking into your store? That’s not a problem since this DVR offers 16 ports of loop out. The loop outs use BNC for the video outputs and are a convenient way to connect individual cameras to spot monitors that will display only one camera. 16CH loop out ports can output video to 16 different monitors.

Easy Backup via DVD-RW & USB Flash Drive

Easy Backup via DVD-RW & USB Flash Drive

Video can be backed up to a DVD-RW or a USB flash drive for safe keeping or in the event that you must give the footage to the police. Video can also be saved right on your PC from remote network for easy access when you are not around this hybrid DVR.

16CH Alarm Inputs & 2CH Alarm Outputs

With alarm inputs and outputs, you are able to complete the whole surveillance system with external alarm devices or systems, which enable you to enjoy the convenience of advanced security.

Supports Access Internet via Wi-Fi Card

In an area where no internet connection to network cable, what can you do?This is no problem with this hybrid DVR, just insert a WIFI card into the Ethernet port; and you can connect the DVR with internet. (WiFi Card Not Included)

Dual Stream to Customize Video Frame Rate

Enable sub code can customize the frame rate and bit rate for remote view and mobile streaming in case of limited upload bandwidth, and they can be setup independently for every channel and choosing different resolution from D1 to CIF.

Perfect Matching Services Along with the DVR

The built-in Web server allows you to perform most every function of the DVR remotely with Internet Explorer. Client software is also included to allow you to centrally monitor multiple Ultimate Series units simultaneously.

Multiple Recording Modes

This DVR has a number of recording modes to suit your needs. You can program it to record at certain times, record continuously, or set it to start recording when motion is detected or using the alarm mode.

Instant Email Alerts if Activity Detected

This system is designed to send an email alert, complete with photo of the activity, if any motion or alarm is detected, or if any camera experiences video loss.

Easy-To-Read GUI design

All of the settings can be clear at a glance, very easy and convenient for end users! Navigate through the menu in more than 20 languages!

Intuitive and Hassle-Free Operation

Intuitive and Hassle-Free Operation

The hybrid DVR is amazingly simple to setup and operate. An intuitive mouse-driven interface provides very simple point-and-click control over all functions and settings. In addition, the unit also includes an IR remote control.

Multiple Playback Modes

It can easily fast forward, rewind, and advance frame by frame. Up to 16 channels can be played back at the same time at the DVR.

Versatile Network Functionalities

This DVR supports multiple network protocols including DHCP, PPPOE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, ARSP (,NTP and UPNP. And you can visit your video footage on different internet explorer such as, IE, Google Chrome, Firefox and Apple Safari.

The DVR that Multi-taskss

Thanks to Pentaplex, this DVR can perform up to five things at once. You can playback, backup, view live images and allow network access (e.g. for a Smartphone) while the DVR continues to record. Never have to worry about stopping the record function while performing another action ensuring continuous protection for your property.

Mass Storage with 4x SATA Interface, Supports up to 8TB

Storage capacity will never be a problem with the hybrid DVR. Up to 4 SATA hard disk drives can be installed and each supports up to 2048G, that’s total up to 8T.

Search by Date, Time or Event

Simply choose the desired date and time range, and the requested video clips will appear. Clips are also labeled by event, which makes it easy to find particular footage.

Metal Shell for Both Indoor & Outdoor Use – Weatherproof

Each camera is constructed utilizing professional grade materials for the housing and a sunshade to help prevent glare, deterioration, and rusting. The cameras can be mounted in virtually any indoor or outdoor setting.

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