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  1. 8-Pack of 30ft Premade AWG-28 Siamese CCTV Video + Power Cable
    8-Pack of 30ft Premade AWG-28 Siamese CCTV Video + Power Cable




  2. 59ft AWG28 Premade Siamese CCTV Video + Power Cable
    59ft AWG28 Premade Siamese CCTV Video + Power Cable




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Camera works well, setup for these cameras takes many steps but this has good instructions that simplify the process, Night vision is also excellent at night.

- Sophia

Nice camera works at night,picture is clear enough and able to see as long as 50 feet in the dark,the dvr recorded without any sound,would recommand it to my friends and colleague.

- Sharon

I am old though. Not sure what else is out there,but thanks to this surveillance cctv camera system,they do a great job.Remote viewing over internet by phone or computer. Auto recording on motion to memory or your PC via wireless router. Just amazing. If the camera head itself was smaller to allow hiding better.

- Sam

I have this system set up in my vacation home. It provides me the comfort that when someone enters the unit, I can see who and when they were there. The night vision camera works really well. Unfortunately when I called customer service about my problems with remote monitoring, they didn't tell me I needed to purchase additional software. I highly recommend this system as an affordable security system.

- Njiruys

Home Security Do’s and Don’ts


Home security has become a vital issue since FBI announced that over two million burglaries in the USA has caught in about $4.6 billion in lost property, and even more personal security also in danger in 2010. To secure your home is a must but not a necessary anymore, so that there are a few home security do’s and don’ts you should pay attention to.


Do have at least one home security equipment at home, like electric lock, gate operator and so on which are the demand for the doors. Don’t let the burglar comes into your home from your door.


Do install a security system to be well protected you home. There are many video home security systems enhance the chance that burglar will get caught under its 24 surveillance, therefore is a great deterrent. Some security systems can be do it yourself easily, it is also a chance to get know how a security system work and what kind of home security accessories needed to complete a system. Don’t under estimate a thief; some smart guy can avoid getting caught on your security system easily, so make sure that your security system is smarter than he or she, and place the system rightly.


Do install a peephole in your front door so that you can know who rings your doorbell, if you know the guy, you can let him in, but if he is a stranger; don’t admit to your home. Because you don’t know whether he is good or not, some of the burglars are creative and often use ruses to enter to your home.


Being smart what you should dos and don’ts of home security, let the burglars away from your home.

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