5 Things You Can Do to Stop Burglars in Their Tracks

home burglar

home burglar

Even though protecting our homes, belongings and family members is always our top priority, sometimes we aren’t doing everything we can to prevent burglaries from happening in the first place. When criminals canvas neighborhoods, they look for a few dead giveaways that a home is either an easy mark or something to steer clear of. By embracing a few simple techniques, you can help reduce your home’s criminal curb appeal, often for less money than you’d think!

1. Hang blinds and curtains in all your first floor windows.

There’s nothing more inviting for a burglar that being able to take an inventory of your home from the lawn. When you don’t have anything obstructing the view into your first floor rooms, anyone creeping around the house can quickly tally up what you have inside and whether or not they want to try to break in. It’s easy to avoid this home security pitfall, just hang some curtains! Be sure the curtains you choose do more than look pretty. If you can see through a set of curtains, you may as well not have any at all.

2. Install motion sensor lights around the exterior of your home.

Burglars thrive on darkness. It shields them from view and gives them more time to move into, out of and around your home without anyone noticing. Putting a series of new motion sensor lights around the exterior of your home is an easy way to draw attention to anyone trying to closely inspect your place. Plus, they sure come in handy if you ever arrive home after dark and have to dig around for your keys.

3. Get a dog.

Of all the ways to deter a burglar on just the sight of your home, the classic “BEWARE OF DOG” sign still carries its weight in gold. Sure you can put one up without actually buying a dog and that might do you some good, but having a bark to back it up certainly brings down the chances of a burglar wanting to chance it on your pooch. If you’re seriously considering adding a dog to the family, consider adopting one that’s the right size for your place and that has a nice loud bark!

4. Don’t leave toys or yard tools lying around.

If you have so little concern for the safety of your things that you leave them lying about the yard, the first thing that pops into a burglar’s mind is the likelihood that you’ve got a few holes in your home security plan as well. Keep your yard and exposed garage spaces tidy and secure by locking up belongings. Even the presence of a small combination lock can make a big difference in the perception of the value you place on your belongings.

5. Invest in a home security system.

Whether you go with a surveillance system, a traditional burglar alarm or a monitored home security system, having some type of home security can greatly reduce the chance of a burglar thinking your house is an easy target. Whatever type of home security system you install on your property be sure to draw attention to it with signs, stickers or something like that. When you overtly point out your security system, it can do you the most good.

This article was contributed by K. Clarey, Editor of the SecurityChoice.com Blog.

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