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Using Your Smartphone to Survielle Your Home While You’re Away

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to monitor your home, even if you do not have a company-monitored home security system. To get this highly-desired peace of mind, all you need is a basic wireless camera, a Smartphone and Internet video camera software, also called surveillance camera-to-web software. You can even use a few Continue Reading

Audio Speakers – How They Protect You!

Theft is a danger we are all prone to. Stealing techniques have evolved a lot due to the improvements in technology and electronics, but along with them, security measures have also evolved. They say you have to be one step ahead to be safe. If thieves are creative, you have to be even more creative. Continue Reading

Expose a Spy with the Hidden Camera Detector

The entire world is built so that a person can always have a shelter, a place to call home, where everything else is not important because it seems like it doesn’t exist. But unfortunately, in the last decade, at home became a common place for anybody with a hidden camera or an audio bug. Even Continue Reading

High-Tech Digital Home Security Products

The latest advancements in high-tech wireless products help to keep homes safe. Advances in technology have been racing along exponentially. Batteries are getting smaller and lasting longer. Wireless data transmission has become much more secure. New processor chips are making products more capable than ever before. These technologies are being used in every industry from Continue Reading

Protecting the Home with Access Control Systems

In this day and age, there is usually one big thing that people concern them with: security. Access control systems, if applied correctly, increase the security of your home or your office. Whether in the form of biometrics, hand-held alarms, perimeter detection or other such things, access control systems are slowly making their way into Continue Reading

Basic Simple DIY Home Security Tips

Home security is one of the important issues concerning to our life and property safety, so no matter you live in a small apartment or a big mansion, your house deserved to be protected. Even though you do not have lots of expensive security gadgets lying around, you and your family as well as your Continue Reading