Safety Guides for the Elderly at Home



Because as people get older, their bodies change, they have to move slowly, it is hard to keep their body balance, thus some accident may occur, such as falls, breaks and sprains. On the other hand, according to FBI, seniors alone at home are always one of the top target for burglars or other bad guys. Therefore, a seniors’ safety in their own home should be of primary importance.

Some good helpers you need at home

Lighting: A good lighting can make a big difference in every area of the house of an elderly person, because when in dark, the elderly cannot sure if they can walk in the right way or there is nothing on the way. No matter a simple night light in the bathroom or hallways or even automated lights it is important to have things well lit. A motion sensor light is very beneficial to the elderly and save energy too. These can be placed in areas that when dark make it easier for the elderly to navigate through their home’s accident free. Always have a light on at night can also prevent burglars away as they think there are somebody at home.

Monitoring devices: Some alarm tools are necessary, like fire, temperature and carbon monoxide detectors, can warn us at the first sign of danger. But it is important to check them at least twice a year to make sure that are properly working. Another useful tool is an IP camera, which can place wherever you want and allows for remote view, and it is a great helper for keeping a watchful eye for your aging parents and grandparents at anytime anywhere both day and night. However, there are also other monitoring devices, but I think this one the simplest.

Medical alert: As getting older, chances for getting fall is very possible. What can you do if your elderly love one falls and need help? Systems like medical alert allows senior citizens enjoy the benefits and freedom of independent living, with the knowledge that should there be an accident or emergency, and still ensures their safety. The medical alert is very user- friendly and easy to install, help is just the push of a button away and can instantly notify any or all per-programmed contacts. Just knowing that our elderly have instant help will not only give them, but also their family and friends peace of mind with 24 hour monitoring on the elderly.

Of course, there are other small tools that senior citizens can get to insure their safety. For example, MACE is always handy to have just in case something was to happen where it was necessary to have. To ensure things remain that way, take necessary steps now to ensure you’ve minimize as many potential risks for the elderly as possible. We hope you find this guide helpful as you determine how to create a safer environment for yourself, a loved one, or someone under your care.

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