The Right Hidden Camera or Spy Camera for Your Home Security

surveillance spy cameras

surveillance spy cameras

The oldest security system is the security guard. In a modern world they seem pointless and extremely expensive. In this drastically changing world, security is very important. Not just at your workplace, but also at home. Many brands, across the globe have invested in making security CCTV cameras for using at home. But remember to strategically position your camera. There is a reason why it is called a spy camera or a hidden camera. It needs to be hidden. Here are a few places where you can hide your security camera without the burglar noticing its presence.

1. If you are living in an apartment, you can either install one at your door or a common one at the entrance. If you are installing one at your door, make sure you have two viewing angles. One from your door’s point of view, the other across your door. This will give you an added advantage in viewing who comes and goes. If you are installing at the entrance of the building, make sure you have a wide angle camera. You can reduce the number of cameras for economic reasons.

2. If you have to install one at your villa, place the cameras at points where it can be hidden. Like corners between walls, trees or plants. In case of suspicious activity like theft, the thief would definitely find a blind spot. Make sure the blind spot is also covered.

3. Use infrared surveillance cameras. Any object will emit some kind of heat. Even if the camera does not pick it up, the infrared sensor in the camera will hunt it out.

4. Also try and install night vision cameras. Burglar loves the night as it is easy for him to break in to the house. Night vision cameras will capture the necessary and you can be assured of added on safety.

5. Find spots where the roof meets the wall. This will protect the camera from natural elements like wind, rain, sun and snow. The extra advantage is this point is a bird’s eye view of any movement.

6. Use heavy duty cabling. The suspicious person can cut the cable and break in. Have a backup alarm system in case the cable is cut.

7. Install the monitoring system in a safe place like the attic or the basement. These are the two places a burglar will not enter.

8. Research for latest technology when it comes to home security. Have a clear idea about brands, methods and upcoming technologies for improved security.

Although, technology has revolutionized security in many places, there is always scope for the security to be broken. It is simple, what goes around comes around. At the end of the day, nothing can come close to a guard dog. The dog is said to be man’s best friend. And best friends protect their friends. A combination of surveillance spy cameras and a dog will promise you complete security. Be safe.

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims Find out more about her blogs @financeport

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