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Meet All of Your Security Needs
· Super Clear Image
· Super Easy Setup

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  • Great System

    I have had several other NVR systems. The one is by far the best. Great picture and quality devices. The first thing I did was install a 1.5 TD drive and remove the 1 TB.

    By Daniel G

  • Great Product

    I loved these cameras that i bought from i have purchased other systems and its always been a hastle to conect them for online viewing these i was able to hook up for online viewing in minutes easiest set up ever eould definitely recomend them and not to mention the 1 tb hard drive is really nice!

    By Carlos

  • Easy

    Everything was easy. Great instructions and a lot better picture quality than some higher dollar ones I have seen. I would suggest this to anyone!

    By Colton Bane

  • Fantastic Product

    ve been looking for a decent high resolution option for a while now and picked this up after seeing it on one of amazons lighting deals.

    he Power Over Ethernet is exactly what im looking for, one wire to the camera from the DVR and thats it. Nothing complicated about it, anyone can set this up. This install took me about 4 hours with planning and sighting all the cameras after running all the wires; i'm pretty handy and have adequate tools but anyone with a screwdriver/drill and adequate knowledge of their homes construction wont have any trouble with this install. Luckily i have a home with vinyl siding so hiding the wires wasn't too much of a challenge.

    Extremely easy set up, QR code assisted smartphone setup is a major plus
    Fantastic amount of storage space
    Excellent image quality day and night
    Single wire to camera form the DVR, no coax and power, just ethernet
    Only 4 cameras, but this is on me because i could have gotten the model with 8
    Only came with two 50ft and two 80ft ethernet cables, which limits your setup but i made it work and ended up with several feet extra. but you can go buy longer ones from anywhere that sells computer accessories and use it with this system which is great!

    By Pat


Google trust store

  • Purchase arrived timely and very well packaged. After setting up the equipment, a surveillance system, i determined it would not work for the purpose I had in mind. CCTVhotdeals arranged a return with no hassles.

  • Simple straight forward transaction. My item was promptly shipped and it was received in good condition. Price was very good.

  • CCTVHotDeals: have really good products at great prices and shipping is very fast. Will continue to purchase from them.

  • Being buying from CCTV for years excellent service
    Great price and fast free shipping! Plus, so far I am extremely pleased with the product!


  • I am very happy with their customer service, the quality of their services. the only point I want to emphasize is that they should put more information about the devices and the requirements you have to meet in order to use the equipment that on occasion we as customers can not meet requirements deserts and ended up returning the equipment.

  • I order my first system from cctvhotdeals, really good website amazing service and offers very good price, i think the best online store for shopping security products, there you find your product in your range, thanks to offer me discounts in my budget .

  • This is the third time I have ordered something from Home Security and they have done an outstanding job on getting orders out and answering any question I have had."

  • Great site for saving money, i found that everyday there is a deal. Recently i bought a 4 channel nvr system, shipping is fast, got it the orther day, but the installation is so easy for me, took me a few hours to have it up. I call the tech support when i ran problems, they help get solved patiently, i love your service!


  • I bougt my system from cctvhotdeals a couple of weeks ago I have nearly finished installing it so far everything has gone very smoothly.The cameras are working it was easy setting up the LAN Local Area Network All that's left is setting up the Anywhere Access so far. I am very impressed.

  • Overall service has been great, A bit slow when I sent back a defective security camera for replacement, and I'm still waiting for an email and call back from a tech support guy that was supposed to contact me a week ago Monday.other then that excellent products and service.

  • Even though I did not know much about cctv, cctvhotdeals did not let me down. They helped me with everything including installation and assisted me in charge an unrealistic and excessive price unlike a lot of other suppliers. Their prices are competitive and they are very friendly helpful and easy to deal with. They are extremely knowledgeable about products.Their aftersales service is very good as well. Highly recommended.


  • Definitely THE most cost-effective items I've had till now. I am super impressed at such a high resolution image at such a good price. And I can see there are also much more interesting functions after I entered the menu. I can enlarge the image when playing back. I don't know what other will think, but I will buy again and will recommend to my friends.

  • just installed this product recently. It's easy to setup and works well. I just hooked it up to my HD TV, the image looks amazing. I also like the camera. The picture I got is quite clearer and bigger than before. I am happy with I can get it at such a price.

  • When I am planning to upgrade my very old surveillance system to a higher definition one, I just noticed this new product. The price is insanely good and meets my budget. So I give it a try. It turns out my very concerned about the day night performance, good and clear enough; I guess it is real 720p. And after that I viewed from my cell phone, just quick as the ads tell. What I am not very conformable about is I could get more controls from the mobile apps, a little limited action from the Smartphone side. For the other parts, all good.

  • Connecting the NVR and cameras together and let them show the video didn't cost me much time. And the price is also good. What really make me unsatisfying is you don't get the software CD out of box. Finally I found the software from their website. If you forget about these inconvenience, perhaps this is the good choice.

  • I needed a device to allow me to monitor any moisture in my finished basement remotely as I have a sump pump system - and a home theatre system and flooring that is costly if damaged due to water. Having had 2 floods in the last several years and not realizing about them until it was too late forced me into looking for a camera system that would allow me easy remote monitoring. This is AMAZING! It's APPLE easy .....meaning it is literally plug and play. It took me less than 5 minutes to set this up on my Computer, Laptop, IPAD, and Android Phone ...with live or recorded VIDEO. Picture quality is astounding. You can also have the camera send you alerts if it notices motion. Unbelievable. For the price this is absolutely amazing. WAY TO GO ....a product that works and is insanely easy to setup.

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