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Great pricing security dvr deals,i am not so satisfied with the looking,so smalland i cnanot access with my iphone,so complicated!! Your tech support guys help me a lot,thank you.

- Uiyetd

this is my first order with your store,very pleased with the kind service of your sale person, i love doing business with you,hope the lcd monitor i bought work well.

- Gaueiomrn

the monitor built in dvr do great job,saw the 8 footage in one screen,need not to worry miss one of the scene,can continuesly about one week.

- Opearl

Although this monitor built in dvr is a little expensive,after all it worthst,used as monitor and dvr,features i need are included,amazing!

- Jhone

A little overpriced in my opinion, but works great, which is a "con" as far as I'm concerned, just because it cost so much for a little tiny LCD screen, almost the cost of a full-size LCD television or monitor. But other than that, I keep it "on" 24 seven, the picture is extremely clear, and it is compact enough to put anywhere you may choose to. I am happy with the purchase apart from paying too much for it.

- Harry Wood


Security Camera CCTV Monitors


LCD Monitor DVR: Most of our 4/8 CCTV channel DVRs share the similar features, but these two models are different. They look like 19’’ flat LCD monitors. Yes, don't get confused. They are monitors, but they are CCTV DVRs.


Easy to Go: Just plug-n-play, these play and plug CCTV monitors are set exactly out of box. The setup and operation are designed so easy. This model has been widely sold in Metro or subway.


Same Features Included: Like the normal DVR, this home security monitor built in DVR share the same function features, like alarm input/output, Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera control, network access, USB2.0 backup, motion detection, email alert detection , scheduled recording, continuous recording and so on.


Cost-Effective: One advantage is that you don’t need to spend extra money to buy a LCD monitor or TV monitor; this play and plug CCTV monitor is just fit for your security camera system needs.


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