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I purchased a 4 security camera kit,the price was reasonable, and I plan to shop for other items in the near future. Also, the sale staff was very helpful and they did not try to sell me an expensive camera,intorduce me a practical use one.

- Uieuipes

Buy this security camera kit for my small store,good package,and the camera is a little small,i would like it be larger...

- Fiorup

These cameras are a good value for the price, especially with cables and a power supply. They're advertised for 30 feet of illumination with the IR LED's I'd say this is more like 15 or 20 feet, if you'd like to recognize the image.

- Loarry Wills

Very happy with these 4 night vision cameras,well pakcaged,haven't installed it yet.

- Corey

Purchase a security camera kit because of the price is much cheaper than buy 4 single one,and the kit is absolutely worth buying,power supplies are included,nice working cameras.

- Mark

4 Security Camera Kit


Need up to 4 security cameras? Buy one by one or buy a bundle of 4 is a different choice. Buying one by one needs more time and money, because you have buy cables separately, as for a 4 camera kit, includes everything you need to have these cameras set up, of course, a DVR is not included in the package.


A 4 security camera kit make up for good coverage of small to medium size home or a small business. You can place your cameras to monitor your front and back door, and monitor your driveway as well as install a camera inside the home to look after your precious property that you own. If you use it in business, also the front door and back door surveillance, and you can monitor employees and customers by installing a camera by the cash register or by the warehouse. There is definite you right to place you cameras where you want to. However, 4 cameras should give you enough flexibility to cover your most vulnerable areas in small areas. After buying 4 security camera kit, you would only need to buy a DVR,4 channel,8 channel or 16 channel ,that’s your choice, I would highly recommend to buy an 8 channel DVR in case that you want to upgrade it in the future.


CCTVHotDeals store has several 4 camera surveillance kit to choose from. There are dome shape and bullet shape camera kit with white, black or silver color, cameras included in the kit are good quality, weatherproof, night vision and other usual features, the image sensors are sonny CCD, but some are CMOS, you can choose the one you want.


Of course, 4 camera system is wired, so that make sure that your cables length is long enough to make if from the area where you want to install the camera to the area where the DVR will be housed.