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I love this small hidden spy camera, it is easy to use and you can hide it in anything or anywhere.

- Jahueiytr

Good quick shipping service,arrived on time,its ok for the price the quality is not really good but its cheap and easy to use,look like a mirror,very good tool for spying.

- Carl

this hidden like a normal mirror,usually people would not think it it has camera inside,i installed one at my store,some customers think it is a real mirror,they look at it,so funny.. really help me.

- Jhon

I've actually gone through these hidden spy camera last year. Its got pretty good quality and it's easy to use. I have nothing really to compare it to, but on it's own it works well for what I wanted it for.

- Faritale


Spy Hidden Surveillance Cameras


Micro Spy camera is one of the most common spy equipment these days, it is a singel recording device that is often disguised to resemble a common household item. at our store; there is mirror hidden camera, spy car keychain camera and DVR spy camera available to customers.


Spy video camera can be used in various applications. Place one at your home to help you watch your babysitter whether she takes good care of your child. While small spy cameras are not recommended for consistent surveillance because record times are limited to storage space and the battery life of the item.


Covert security cameras are recommended for random or “at-the-moment” surveillance, perhaps to record an event in progress when no other surveillance is present.