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  1. 720p HD WiFi Wireless Network IP Camera with Audio
    720p HD WiFi Wireless Network IP Camera with Audio




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This was an awesome dvr security camera. In the corner of the nursery, provides a full view of the room with awesome HD quality. It is great for monitoring activities at the front door and based o the placement, you are able to recognize license plate numbers and faces.

- Myer

I like this outdoor cctv system because it helps you see who broke into your home when you are not home. Plus it also helps you see who is at your door when u are home. I would recommend this product to everybody to keep them safe.

- Gyeuwiye

I'm very happy with the features of this DVR,good configuration,can play back for review,ptz and audio output,include all function i need. New security products place here are very good, i choose one wireless nvr cctv camera system,my friend told me it is worth buying for its quality, i absolutely take one.

- Motties

Excellent quality, excellent service. I placed my order and three days later I had the CCTV security 8 camera system. I was absolutely impressed with the IR quality for a low lit area I needed to monitor, and the qaulity of the color images was perfect..

- Donn

New Commercial Surveillance Cameras &Systems


As a CCTV solution provider, creativity is always what we are focusing on. We will never be satisfied at the progress we've already made. Our innovative R & D team is constantly making all efforts to research on new ideas and technology. That's why we can lunch new Zmodo surveillance systems from time to time.


Along with the rapid development of PC and Smartphone and TV, requirements to CCTV security have grown up from year to year. Images you watched before as very clear, now if you watch them on HD TV, maybe not so clear at all, at such time your DVR security system is indicating you that maybe you need to get an upgrade at the system, for example, getting the best 8 channel DVR security system, you can choose the one with 4 cameras or 8 cameras that depends on your current needs. But don’t worry, this type can be expandable, and also working well with other brand security products when you want to upgrade it in the future.


Generally the newer system will get higher security at protection. Get a new system to avoid those who are trying to break into your house confused, let them know, even you've done a lot of research at your house, you still have a way to catch them. For you have a large home, a 16 CCTV camera kit with great new features is good to your home security needs both day and night, even when you away, you can still watching your home via your Smartphone or PC.


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