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Choosing Products

Security Kits
Security surveillance can be a suitable inexpensive way to protect your business and family. Usually, these security systems or security kits are compatible with digital video recorders(DVRs) or network video recorders(NVRs, higher models of DVRs coming soon), relevant several security cameras with the various kinds, remote internet access, monitors and necessary accessories.

You can choose Pre-packaged security kits or build your customized security systems using out Kit Builder

4 Channel Security Kits
CCTVHotDeals has varieties of complete 4 channel security systems/kits to choose from. These video surveillance systems usually include a 4 channel digital video recorder(standalone DVR with various functions or monitor built-in DVR) with 500GB or 1TB hard drive, 4 indoor or outdoor security cctv cameras,powers & cables and necessary accessories.

4 channel complete security kits are quite suitable for small to medium size home and small business. You can choose 4 areas to monitor with one kit. As the DVRs are H.264 with the real time functions you don't need to worry about losing anything. DVRs are integrated with 500GB to 1TB removable hard drive, with the capability to record 40 to 90 days. Most of our DVRs are based on an embedded linux operating system and include a remote control, so these security kits offer excellent remote surveillance function over 3G mobiles and internet.

Click Kit Builder for more selections.

8 Channel Security Kits
CCTVHotDeals offers 8 channel security systems/ kits. This kind of kit usually includes an 8 channel digital video recorder with 500GB or 1TB hard drive, 4 or 8 indoor/outdoor CCTV cameras, powers, cables and necessary accessories.

This surveillance kit is perfect for your home or small business security. Of course, you can customize your choices for different cameras, hard drive and powers & cables using Kid Builder.

16 Channel Security Kits
CCTVHotDeals offers 16 channel security systems/ kits. This kind of kit usually includes one standalone digital video recorder with 1TB hard drive, 8-16 indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras, powers, cables and necessary accessories with everything you need for video surveillance.

This security kit is perfect for your home or business surveillance. Of course, you can customize your choices for different cameras, hard drive and powers & cables using Kid Builder.

Security Cameras
Security cameras bring a higher level of surveillance for your home or business. These security cameras of video surveillance system allow you to keep a close monitoring on anywhere or anything you especially care about. CCTVHotDeals offers various kinds of cctv cameras. All our security cameras are easy to install and provide professional video surveillance performance. All cameras are compatible with all analog cctv and video security systems which use coax cable for video transmission.

How to Find the Best Suitable Cameras for Your Home or Business Video Surveillance?

  • Where are you going to mount the cameras or how many channels of DVR will you choose?
    Choosing the appropriate location to install a security camera is vital to successfully deter intruders. The homeowner needs to assess the property to determine what type of security camera is required. Standard concerns include: entrances, exits, people who regularly visit, and the time of day and night visitors and family members come to the home. A homeowner also needs to decide if they want the camera hidden or on display to discourage an entry attempt.
  • How far is the visible distance?
    Usually, the visible distance of cameras can be up to 50', 80', 135', etc. Take a look at the camera with IR Night Vision and 1/3" CCD for instance:
    1. 1/3" CCD & 3.6mm lens camera ( 15m IR night vision)
    2. 1/3" CCD & 6mm lens camera ( 20m IR night vision)
    3. 1/3" CCD & 8mm lens camera ( 25m-30m IR night vision)
    4. 1/3" CCD & 12mm lens camera ( 40m-60m IR night vision)
    5. 1/3" CCD & 25mm lens camera ( 100m-120m IR night vision)
  • What kind of viewing angle do you want?
    Most video surveillance cameras are installed in one location permanently. For this case, fixed-focus lenses are the most cost-effective. If you want to be able to move your camera, you may choose variable focus lenses which let you change your field of view when you adjust the camera. If you want to be able to move the camera remotely, you'll need a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera, which is much more expensive than the standard one.
  • How much clear do you want the image to be?
    Of course, the resolutions of the cameras are very important too. Generally speaking, 380TVL is low-end, 420TVL/480TVL is good for security work, 540TVL is of high quality. If you want to see more details, upgrading to a higher resolution is a better choice.

Indoor Security Cameras
Our indoor cameras come in different types, sizes and styles. There is a wide selection of indoor cameras such as spy hidden, low light, night vision and high resolution security cameras. The most popular is the smoked mini dome camera. The dome camera can be mounted on the ceiling or wall and adjusted to view any angle. Although the dome is designed to protect the camera inside, they are not weatherproof and should not be installed where they are exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures.

Outdoor Security Cameras
The only difference between indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras is that the outdoor camera is in an environmentally protected housing. Some cameras have housings with heaters and blowers to keep the temperature inside within the operating parameters of the camera. Others such as the mini outdoor bullet cameras generate their own heat for operation. All the outdoor cameras discussed in this guide are designed to operate in -5F to 120F temperature.

Outdoor surveillance cameras are also in different types, sizes and styles. They can be mounted almost anywhere. At the same time, these outdoor cameras are compatible with all kinds of video security systems.

Night Vision Security Cameras
Affordable night vision security cameras are the latest innovation to the video surveillance industry. They come in different styles, but have one thing in common- infrared LEDs, which transmit out infrared light surround the cameras lens. The LEDs cast out light the camera can see but the human eye cannot. The distance a CCTV camera can see in the dark is based on how many LEDs the camera has. For instance, a CCTV camera with 10-20 LEDs can see 20 feet in complete darkness. Some night vision surveillance cameras with 30 – 40 LEDs can see up to 80 feet in complete darkness.

These night vision cameras provide high quality color pictures during the day and when the light levels drop below a minimum level, they automatically switch to night vision or black and white pictures in complete darkness. When the light levels increase the cameras automatically change back to color video. These cameras are very reliable and flexible and should be considered when you design your security system

Dome Security Cameras
Dome security cameras are named because of their dome housings. These dome surveillance system cameras are compatible with all kinds of video surveillance video recorders.

Dome Security Cameras are good options for home, retail stores, casinos, and restaurants. Dome cameras blend easily to their surroundings. Because of their dome shape, it is difficult to determine which direction the cameras are looking at. Some of these security cameras are made for harsh conditions and can be used outdoor. You may choose vandal resistant dome cameras which are better choices for areas that are exposed to vandalism.

CCTVHotDeals provides varieties of dome security cameras, such as dome cameras with night vision, high resolution or audio functions.

Bullet Security Cameras
We usually call them bullet security cameras because of their housing shapes. Bullet cameras provide excellent picture quality and video recording. All of our bullet cameras are infrared bullet cameras which can be used for day and night applications.

CCTVHotDeals provides various bullet security cameras with different TV Lines, lens and IR distances. We usually offer 420 TV Line, 480 TV Line, 540 TV Line, 600TVL; 3.6 mm ,6 mm lens, 12 mm lens, 25 mm lens, 4~9 mm vari-focal lens and other vari-focal lenses; Sharp or Sony color CCD sensor; 80' , 100', 130', 150', 200', 330' and even longer IR distances bullet cameras with high quality of picture and video recording.

High Resolution Security Cameras
High resolution security cameras come with higher resolution Sony chips. These cameras feature 480 to 600 lines of high resolution for applications where you require the crispest picture possible. They are available for indoor, outdoor, night vision, and harsh environment use.

High resolution security cameras offer more details than standard resolution security cameras do. They are required when the ratio of size difference between the field of view and the smallest detectable feature is high. Take a single sensor color camera for example- If the pixel size required is more than 400 to 600 times smaller than the field of view, a high resolution security camera is required.

Detail is the key to success. High resolution security cameras help you get a clearer and more detailed record. They are the best choices when accuracy of recording is required.

Vandal Proof Security Cameras Vandal proof or resistant security cameras can be used both indoor and outdoor, and they are good choices for applications where the cameras may be vulnerable to vandalism such as low-hanging ceiling installations, schools or other public areas. As the housings made of durable materials can be resistant to damage and attack, vandal proof security cameras have extremely long life and high reliability. At the same time, they are also easy to install and suitable for all kinds of video recorders.

Vari-focal Security Cameras
Vari-focal security cameras have the ability to adjust the image distance with variable optical and digital zoom lens. They are available for indoor and outdoor use. In case you are unsure of what distance or field of view you need, you may choose vari-focal cameras which can adapt to different situation. Sometimes, the areas you want to monitor may change, and vari-focal cameras allow you to zoom the camera field of view in and out to get the perfect picture. This eliminates the need to change the camera or lens each time your requirement changes. These vari-focal security cameras are suitable for all kinds of CCTV security systems.

PTZ Security Cameras
PTZ security cameras are considered "top of the line" in security cameras. They can pan 360 degrees, tilt 90 degrees, and optically zoom in as much as 27 times. They are controlled and programmed with either a desk top joy stick control or through the software of a PC based DVR. They come in different types, can be used indoor or outdoor, can be wall or ceiling mounted, and can be equipped with IR night vision.

The PTZ security camera can be programmed to pan, tilt and zoom to a specific view if motion is detected or a pre-defined alarm occurs. A user can override the automatic operation and control the cameras as needed.

IP and Network Security Cameras
Free yourself from long video wires and enjoy the convenience of wireless technology with the IP security cameras. These cameras can connect to your wireless router and record straight to your computer's hard drive. The advanced, built-in chip enables features such as recording triggered by motion detection, email alerts, and remote access from popular web browsers. IP configuration is easy with the included software.

Technically, IP Cameras are Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras with built-in web servers that use internet protocol to transmit image data and control signals over a fast Ethernet link. Put simply, an IP Camera is like a combination of a security camera and a computer. This means that IP security cameras can stream live video via the Internet. The video stream can be stored remotely and accessed anytime from anywhere by simply using a standard web browser. The benefit of such cameras is that they reside on IP networks, and that is why IP Cameras are commonly referred to as Network Cameras.

Wireless Security Cameras
Wireless cameras can be easily installed and moved from one location to the other. No wires are required between the camera and the receiver. In the past wireless security cameras were notoriously unreliable and seldom met the expectation of consumers. However, with the development of wireless networks and IP technology, new wireless security cameras have emerged, which provide good performance for small and mid-sized video surveillance applications. This new technology uses a digital "Spread Spectrum" technology which provides reliable wireless video transmission up to 300 feet and secures the video signal so it cannot be viewed by others outside the building or home.

CCTVHotDeals offers high quality wireless cameras for both indoor and outdoor video surveillance. All of our wireless cameras have been well developed and tested. Some of these wireless cameras are included within baby monitors or wireless security kits. Each kit is made up of at least one camera and a hand-held device. The camera is run by batteries or AC adapters, while the hand-held device is powered by batteries. The hand-held device has an LCD monitor for viewing purposes and can be easily connected to any video recorders.

Dummy or Fake Security Cameras
Using dummy cameras is considered an economical solution for home security. The shape of fake security cameras are the same as the real ones, and some are even integrated with led light blinks or pan tilt movement function. Fake security cameras are made to look real so that they can scare away intruders. Of course, it should be much better to use the real security cameras to protect your home or business. You should do some research on the places that you care about and choose the most cost-effective way to protect them.

Hidden or Spy Security Cameras
Cameras are so small now that they can be hidden in almost anything. It's common to see cameras in all kinds of things, such as pictures, clocks, radios, smoke detectors, motion detectors, books, ties etc. Hidden or Spy security cameras can be used for many applications. Catching an abusive nanny or cheating spouse is among the top applications. Spy security cameras can also be incorporated into your security system to help catching a crime.

CCTVHotdeals offers varieties of spy hidden cameras such as wireless spy camera kit, spy camera dvr etc. Usually, we sell these spy cameras or dvrs with sufficient memory cards. Some wireless spy cameras are powered by battery, so their service time is limited.

Audio Security Cameras
With built-in audio, this type of camera can be used to identify all different voices, which are especially useful when the picture is not clear enough to detect the intruders. This function will play a big role in protecting your property. CCTVhotdeals provides different types of audio cameras, such as bullet camera, dome camera, hidden camera, vari-focal camera, weatherproof camera etc.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
Now, in the market, there are models of VCRs(video cassette recorders), DVRs(digital video recorders) and NVRs(Network video recorders) as video recorders working with security cameras for video surveillance.

The DVR is the more popular and innovative product over the dwindling VCR. This growth of the DVR market has allowed retailers to offer more competitively priced DVRs with better features that were once only available for commercial use at a very high price.

DVRs used for security purposes are the same in concept as household recorders used to record TV programs. However, security DVRs are capable of storing more hours of footage, recording multiple channels, and using helpful features such as organizing and playback videos. CCTVHotDeals offers varieties of DVRs, such as 4 channel DVRs, 8 channel DVRs, 16 channel DVRs, Standalone DVRs, Monitor Built-in DVRs.

Network video recorders, commonly referred to as NVRs, offer a way of recording via a network or IP configuration. Setup is easy over an existing computer network. Just plug into a network connection and enter the cameras ip address, and you could get remote control of different places even around the world.

How to choose suitable video recorders for your home or business video surveillance?

  • How many locations do you want to watch?
    The answer also helps you to decide how many cameras and what kind of cameras you should choose. There are usually 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel, and 32 channel DVRs.
  • Do you need remote access or just local monitoring?
    The MPEG4 & H.264 are the two mainly popular video compression formats for digital video recorders. However, you should know the difference of these two formats: MPEG4 (good for local storage) V.S. H.264 (Network transmission, remote access needed). However, we recommend H.264, which is widely used with remote access control.
  • How long do you need to save your recordings for?
    500GB and 1 TB are hard drives that are usually installed in the DVRs. Generally speaking, 500GB hard drive is enough for your home and small business, with storage of more than 30 day recording of a 4 channel system at H.264 compression.

4 Channel Digital Video Recorders (4 CH DVRs)
In the security surveillance industry, the 4 channel security DVRs are the entry level digital video recorders with the lowest cost. A 4 channel security DVR can support up to 4 security cameras to build a complete security system. We will offer free consultation to help you develop your own security system.

8 Channel Digital Video Recorders (8 CH DVRs)
In the security surveillance industry, the 8 channel security digital video recorders (DVRs) are commercial level digital video recorders suitable for home or small-medium business security. The installation of an 8 channel DVR system is similar to that of a 4 channel DVR system. It can support up to 8 security cameras. Our 8 channel DVRs come with various options, which allows you to easily download your video evidence to USB drive, CD-RW, DVD burner, and via a network. Many of our offerings are network accessible, allowing simple access to your security system remotely, via the internet.

16 Channel Digital Video Recorders (16 CH DVRs)
In the security surveillance industry, the 16 channel security Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are high level digital video recorders suitable for home or medium business security. A 16 channel DVR can support up to 16 cameras. Our 16 channel DVRs come with various options, which allows you to easily download your video evidence, into USB drive, CD-RW, DVD burner, and via a network. Many of our offerings are network accessible, allowing simple access to your video security system remotely, via the internet.

Standalone Security DVRs
Standalone Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) utilize advanced digital technology to ensure the most reliable and durable recordings. While VCRs and videotapes might easily fail from lack of space or wear, DVR recordings maintain image quality after long-term use and offer almost unlimited amount of recording space.

With the progress of the technology, all of our security DVRs have been upgraded to H.264 real time digital video recorders. Standalone DVRs use hard drives to store videos. We provide you options of 500 GB and 1 TB hard drives. We offer 4,8, 16 and even bigger channels standalone security camera DVRs which can record footage produced from different surveillance cameras and simultaneously produce real time images for a live feed. In addition, security DVRs can utilize personal computer software for remote monitoring, recording, playback, backup, and control of video and audio. Plus, with some DVRs you can retrieve and backup digital video via a USB to your computer or networking.

Monitor Built-in Security DVRs
A monitor built-in security DVR combines DVR and LCD monitor together in just one unit, making setup and operation easy. CCTVHotDeals offers 4 channel and 8 channel monitor built-in security DVRs.

Wireless Security | IP Surveillance
Not every house is suitable for wired video surveillance systems, and you would probably be tired of wires on the walls. In these cases, wireless security equipment is the best choice. Wireless security systems are perfect for the do-it-yourself fans. There are no wires to run through walls or ceilings, and the system programming is simple.

Wireless security systems are very popular in our store. They are a cost-effective way to build a comprehensive surveillance system without expensive installation. IP (internet protocol) camera is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance. Unlike regular CCTV camera, IP (internet protocol) camera can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

There are two kinds of IP cameras. One is centralized IP cameras, which require a central network video recorder (NVR) to handle the recording, video and alarm management; the other is decentralized IP camera, which has NVR functionality built-in and can thus record directly to normal video recorders like DVRs.

CCTV cables & wires
All of the wired security camera systems use video coax cable to transmit the video from the camera to the recorder. The maximum distance between the camera and the recorder depends on the cable rather than the camera itself. Using RG59 coax cable you can extend the camera out to 600 feet. Using RG6 coax cable you can run up to 1,000 feet. Cable is available in 500' boxes or pre-made cables 25', 50', 65', 99', 130', 165' lengths.

First of all, you need to determine the length of wires you need to purchase by measuring the distance along the wall between the place where camera should be installed and the position where you would like to set the main control panel.

CCTV Camera Power Supplies
Cameras can be powered in two ways. You can power each security camera with its own plug in power supply, or you can wire multiple cameras back to a multi-camera power source. Both options plug into a regular 110V electrical outlet and then step the power down to 12V DC to feed the camera.

Plug in power supplies are usually located within 6-10 feet of the cameras. The multi-camera power supplies are installed in a closet or somewhere out of the way and a two conductor power wire is connected to each camera. When designing a surveillance system you may want to use a combination of plug in and multi-camera power supplies. This will depend on where your power outlets are located and how easily you can pull a wire from a multi-camera power supply to each camera. Multi-camera power supplies have one fused, dedicated power output for each camera. This design provides excellent protection from power spikes and surges.

You should also know the protective function the camera power supply features, such as over-current protection, output short circuit protection, and over voltage protection. The box that encases the power supply should be metal and durable, and there should be an on/off switch and LED lights to go with each fuse.

Other products that you might need in building and powering your CCTV system include AC to DC adapters and switching power adapters.

And please note:

High resolution cameras, Vari-focal cameras and PTZ Cameras will consume more power than regular ones, so it's better to use the single power adapter to keep the power quality.

CCTV Accessories
There are various CCTV accessories such as video baluns, camera brackets & mounts, warning signs, dvr cases, connectors, power cables and kinds of tools at CCTVHotDeals.

Make sure to choose suitable accessories for you security system. For example, if you purchased a PTZ camera, a keyboard (network tester) should be very helpful to control the camera installation, camera rotation and zoom.

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