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I bought an 8 ch cctv dvr a few days ago from your store,but i am still not get it,could you be faster,buz i need it now.

- Iopieyxd

I have ordered several items with this brand,security cameras,8 channeldvr,and other cables,product quality is good,and the price is worthwhile,would do business with you again.

- Hkoepis

This is the first time i bought security equipment, bought the one did exactly what I wanted. It was easy to setup. The remote viewing feature lets me view the business remotely and the DVR feature lets me go back to review any incidents. I love it so much I am considering putting a system in my own home for video security.

- Charlie

very sayisfied with your 8 ch dvr,i purchased 2 already,working well and can be expandable when i need it

- myemail_ken


8 Channel DVR for Home Video Security


Easier Upgrade: Compared with the 4 channel DVR, the channel number is different; the 8 CH DVR is much more suitable for small business monitoring, not so much higher price than 4CH DVR, but 8CH DVR is easier to be expanded to more cameras up to 8 for future upgrade.


Flexible Choice: Have a available hard drive home? Then you don’t need to buy the one with hard drive built in, if not, buy one with hard drive built in to save the recording data.


Application: An 8 Channel CCTV DVR allows you to record up to eight security cameras at once. Typical buyers of 8 channel DVR systems are residential users with medium-large homes, restaurants, retail stores, fast-food restaurants, and other small business offices. Often people who purchase 8 Channel DVRs and place four CCTV cameras indoors and four outside. 8 channel DVRs are sometimes used in residential homes, where homes exceed 5 bedrooms or 3000 square feet.


Great Features: With PTZ control, network access, USB backup combing with state-of-art H.264 compression and motion detected recording, and can support various recording modes, so this 8 channel DVR is perfect for medium home and small business.


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