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The Most Popular Security DVRs
Built a dvr for my home,at first i do not konw how to connect the cameras ,refer to the manual,confused,finnally get the support team to help me ,they are so nice ,teach me how to do it patienty.thank you very much.

- Pdhyeioow

Very happy with this cheap security dvr i have bought from you,configuration is great,all features are included,now i can view my children far away form home.

- Uytel

The dvr system has given me peace of mind to know that my home is being watched and letting the criminals beware that if they come near my home, they will be recorded by my system. So let the criminals beware.

- Jeffry

Ordered a home security camer asystem from you a week ago,arrived it yestoday. My son installed it over a day(planning where to place the cameras, etc.) and this system is great. The clarity is amazing both day and night. It's easy to operate for playback and we haven't had any problems at all. Hopefully if anyone comes on our property again, we can get a good pic to give to the police!

- Gorger Williums

When I plugged the DVR into the router it automatically got a network address and then I put the address in Internet Explorer and a log in screen appeared on my monitor. Passwords are disabled as a default, but I'm sure I will change that setting so it requires a password. When completely installed, the screen shows frames for each of the eight cameras.

- Xmaxie


Digital Video Recorder and CCTV DVR Recorders


CCTVHotdeals offers a wide selection of H.264 CCTV security DVRs for 4/8/16 channel. Our digital video recorder with advanced security features, like motion detection recording, alarm triggered recording and real time recording and high definition video is produced, the great advantage of a video DVR recorderis that it enables to be viewed and controlled over computer network or the internet via Smartphone. Our security DVR is universally compatible with all wired security cameras.


4 channel DVR: The 4 channel surveillance CCTV DVR just like the other DVR recorders, shares the same state-of–art functions, such as H.264 compression, Smartphone remote view, advanced motion detection recording, USB backup, TV or PC monitoring, customized view options, RS-485 PTZ control. The DVRs build with or without hard drive, with 500GB hard drive installed, it can continue record for more than two weeks, while with 1 TB installed, it can last for one month, you can choose the one that is suitable for your security needs.These security DVRs are on sale to satisfy your seurity needs.


8 channel DVR: Except from the channel, the functions of an 8 channel internet controlable security DVR is the same as the 4 channel DVR. The difference is 8CH DVR is easier to be expanded to more cameras for future upgrade, with all the state-of-art features combined in one unit. The 8 channel DVR works well an in larger retail and office environment which offers the best DVR surveillance.


16 channel DVR: Our 16 channel DVRs are perfect for schools, large business, parking lots and warehouses to watch a large area. With so many channels added, the price is still very affordable for most people. USB backup combing with state-of-art H.264 compression and motion activated recording let the DVR recording for a long time without worrying the hard drive space.


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