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Love the remote accessibility,the configuration of remote web access of this dvr security recorder,makes it easy to check on everything no matter where I am at any time 24/7, i have no need to worry about my home when i am on business.

- Paulehuop

For this cctv hotdeal dvr ,the user interface is pretty self explanatory. It also has a manual that is written fairly well to assist you,very considerable for the customers,l ike your business service.

- Philliyehy

I am looking for an 16 channel dvr recorder from stores to stores,luckily saw this one,nice for the price!!

- Akilies

This 16 camera DVR has easy to understand menus and fully comprehendable and organized English manual. i connect my security cameras and monitor according to the munaual,not very hard as i thought.

- Stephen

I found that the intrface compared to what I had was easy to use. Also if you access the DVR via a computer the playback is much easier than through the unit itself.

- Jackie Liug

16 Channel DVR | Best DVR Recorder


Complete Video Security: Our 16 channel H.264 DVR software feature with advanced basic security functions as 4 /8 channel security DVR, the 16 channel DVR is highly recommended for schools, large businesses, warehouses, and retailers...


Lowest Price with Best Quality: The 16 camera DVR only starts from $149.50, it is at affordable price for your surveillance needs. You can add as much as 16 security video cameras as the channel implies, it is very flexible, and you can add other brand name camera to this DVR too, so it is the best DVR for your business security.


Storage Extension: 16 security camera system with a CCTV DVR 16 channel installed 500GB HD can continuously record for 4 days, with 1 TB install, recording times will be double. While for 16 channel DVR, USB backup combing with state-of-art H.264 compression and motion activated recording let the DVR recording for a long time without worrying the hard drive space.


Remote Monitoring: Our DVRs are networkable, allowing easy remote access to monitor your video security system via the internet or Smartphone from anywhere in the world. Want leave for vocation, but worry about your kids, your parents, your companies? Do not worry, just install our Zviewer in your iPhone or Android Smart phone, connect with your HD CCTV DVR channels, just enjoy your holiday with peace of mind with this 16ch H.264 DVR with internet &Smartphone monitoring.


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