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  1. 19V 3A DC Power Adapter  for sPoE NVR Kit
    19V 3A DC Power Adapter for sPoE NVR Kit



  2. 18 Port 12V 10A DC Power Supply for Surveillance Cameras
    18 Port 12V 10A DC Power Supply for Surveillance Cameras




  3. 12V 5A DC Power Adapter  for Surveillance Camera
    12V 5A DC Power Adapter for Surveillance Camera




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This wirless cctv camera has given me peace of mind when I am away. I can check on my home and pets at anytime from my smartphone or computer,like it very much.

- Smarthoyr

Easy to set up,this professional cctv system supports remote viewing via my phone.very comvinent,no longer worry my home since i installed it.

- Xigidhut

It is a great money saving monitoring system. No problems at all,very glad i bought it,no break-ins happened so far.

- Sajdyetia

Great product... you get what you pay for but it is a little pricey. I've bought three outdoor night vision cameras in total for monitoring the outside. Top notch quality during the day and good night vision at night. Great sound capture as well.

- Martin

I bought this camera for security of my vehicle on the street in front of my home. The problem is at night the images are always blurry whether it is a person walking by or a car. Daytime clarity was superb as was the included software. Price seemed very high also for what I received.

- Sophia

What You Should Know Video Home Security


It is an important matter to secure your home and business to protect your property, family, and employee‘s safety, which should be your priority. Thus you have to know something about video home security.


Install good home security cameras at entry areas. Because doors, gates and other entry areas need a high quality resolution cameras to catch a good “face shot”, which can be used as evidence in a court of law to indentify who is the one should be punished for not caught a innocent guy.


Use wide angle cameras for large area surveillance so that you can view the wide large space inside your building. What’s more, a color camera inside your building is good because you can identify a person by the clothes they are wearing.


As for the DVR, you should choose a right hard drive for home monitoring system. With the right hard drive capacity, you need not to worry about whether the storage space is enough or not. So you should know that does your DVR system has multiple options to allow you to control your hard drive usage.


There is other specific software and control devices are needed for video home security, for more, call our tech support.

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