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  1. 1/3'' Sony CCD 35 LEDs Day Night Outdoor Surveillance Camera
    1/3'' Sony CCD 35 LEDs Day Night Outdoor Surveillance Camera




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The LED lights are fairly bright,very good work during night,can see as far as 50 feet,purchased this led camera to watch property at nightand very pleased with the over all performance. The over all field of view is very nice and very clear.

- Ksjueiod

This sonny ccd night vision cctv camera is out of my expectation, the night vision is phenomenal. Much better than the lower tvl cameras that I have on the security system.

- Iopeudys

glad to be able see at night with this 650tvl camera system,great performance and nice goog looks for concealing.

- Sukie

These night vision cameras are various,do not know which one to choose,luckly,the seller is so nice,offer any advice and answer my questions patiently,love doing business with you

- Nail Camores


Night Vision Cameras


Night vision camera or we can call day night camera enables us to watch our home both day and night.


We offer many types and styles of night vision cameras to choose from, but they all have one thing in common, infrared LEDs. The distance a night vision camera can see in the dark is based on how many LEDs the camera has. As a rule, a CCTV camera with 10-24 LEDs can see 30-80 feet in complete darkness. The best night vision camera can see up to 100' in complete darkness. Therefore, when buying a night vision security camera you may notice the LED's surrounding the camera CCTV lens.


These night security cameras can be added to your existing security camera system allowing you to monitor your home without installing lights. One of our night vision cameras as low as $20, it is very affordable, and give you peace of mind when darkness comes.


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