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  1. Female Plug Lead Power Cable Surveillance Cameras
    Female Plug Lead Power Cable Surveillance Cameras




  2. Male Plug Lead Power Cable for Surveillance Cameras Quantity 10
    Male Plug Lead Power Cable for Surveillance Cameras Quantity 10



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I like the industrial cctv system very much. Well worth the money. The viewing quality is excellent in live or playback modes. Quality is not so good when accessing from the Internet but that's typical on most other systems I looked at. Over all its not a bad system.Free interface on IPHONE and IPAD. Free basic network viewer.

- Hillious

Finally a sony ccd security camera that is easy to interface with an existing home network. The camera itself is solid, and the infrared night capabilty is outstanding. It is easy to connect and set up out of the box. The software works too. Easy to set motion detector zones.

- Steve

I researched many systems based upon, options, ease to install and set up, use and access remotely and price. This system meet those needs ,can be viewed from cell phone and remotely, not overly expensive and good picture and recording options.I do occasionally turn on the PC to download video from camera SD card to computer for longer keeping .In sum, works as described and is beginner level for set up and use.

- Canlender

How to Choose the Best Surveillance System


As a home owner or business owner, maybe most of us do not know more about home security products, when choosing a security system for home, we do not know which one is the best one; we get confused by what sale person says. In order to solve this condition, you should know something about the security products and what is the best surveillance system for your home or business.


When comes to purchase a security camera for home, one of the most important things is to consider the image quality. If you cannot identify the person’s face, a surveillance system does little help for you. A zoom speed dome camera is a good choice for home, it is not only providing better quality picture but also can change the zoom and speed as requires.


After selected cameras, then a digital video recorder is a must, consider how long you want to record and view the footage. A DVR is popular for its recording activity and storage capacity which can be depends on its hard drive.


If you do not want so much trouble, you can choose a complete surveillance camera system, there are 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel DVR with different numbers of cameras, for example, 8 channel DVR with 8 weatherproof security cameras that is one of the best buy among customers.


There have a lot to know to help you choose the best surveillance system.

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