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I purchased a 4 security cameras system about 2 weeks ago it worked great!!The mini cctv cameras are sturdy and have clever, simple -- yet quite adjustable mounting brackets. Note that they do not include audio, nor any zoom or motorized movement -- they are fixed focus; but the coverage seems pretty ideal for most locations.

- Arron

I LOVE this camera cctv system! I can see what's going on outside my house at any time, I can see the playback of anything captured by the camera - all on my phone. I can't wait to catch the teenagers that have an annoying habit of loitering on my property.

- Coery

Overall very satisfied with the product, it has very good image quality and is very easy to set up, the equipment/materials also seem well made.Also would be good if they added a scheduling feature so it will only record when you're not at home...

- Alan

How to Recognize Hidden Cameras


In the past, security cameras are easily to be recognized due to their large size, but today with the most advanced technology, it is hard to figure out where the small hidden cameras have placed. Sometimes you even don’t know whether there is an eye watching you.


Hidden spy cameras are varies in types, as we know everyone will carry a pen in a meeting, but you will never know whether they are using spy pen camera to record everything down, you cannot tell from one by one, because there is nothing special between a spy pen and a usual pen.


There are also other cameras hidden in a clock, tie, tissue, mirror, nanny cams, motion detector, smoke detector …they are hidden cameras for home use as well as personal. When come to someone’s home, pay attention to this equipment, and behave yourself properly. Most people like to install nanny cameras to watch for his or her baby sister whether taking good care of the babies.


Just as the name implies, it is not so easy to recognize hidden cameras, what you should do is to know how to recognize it where and what thing the cameras hidden.

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