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The multi-tasking feature allows up to five functions to occur on the security system at one time: record video, watch live video, playback video while also monitoring and managing the cctv wireless system remotely.

- Syweruys

Buy one dummy cctv camera for my outdoor use,until now no one found it,haha...great great!!!

- Furiwuopd

With blinking light in this fake security camera,cannot tell if it is real or not from a long distance,install one in my garage,no theft come here gain,it is better to get one fake instead of none.

- wfttu

who said fake security camera cannot protect home,i bought one with ir led installed,like a real camera,fright away a possible theif away once,so i recommand buying a fake one if you cannot afford a real one instead.

-Holly Caps

for saving money,i choose a fake camera form here,it indee fright away the possible intruders,i love it

- Oscar Pill


Fake Dummy Security Cameras


We offer a variety of dummy surveillance cameras look like real security cameras, and some even feature zoom lens and led lights which make criminals think you can zoom in on their faces, so frighten away the potential intruders and burglars by forcing them to think that the area is under surveillance by a complete video security system.


The fake dummy CCTV camera is much cheaper than real security cameras but almost has the same function as the real one if the criminals do not find out it is fake. Because only the expert can see the difference, so don't worry about that. The fake security cameras can protect your home as well as a real surveillance camera.


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