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Wireless Security Kits

When you are tired of long cable wiring, when you are afraid of CCTV installation, you will be wondering when it is the time to make all these easier.


Now the time comes. Say goodbye to troublesome video power cable wiring and installation, this easy-to-go NVR IP camera system are designed so easy. You don't need to dig a hole, do not need to bury video cables, do not need to worry about some time the annoying mouse may bite the cable. You can get the whole kit installed at the place that your eye can see, when problems happen, you do not need to track down so long cables , and can not get the reason. To repair it, or to understand it is so easy, with no hassle.


If you already have a hard drive at your home, you can buy the kit with no hard drive. Or you can buy a kit with 1TB hard drive to allow the NVR recording continuously for over 20 days with no stop.


This 4 channel NVR system is specailly designed for home security use. You can put one at the home entry, one at the drive way, one at the back yard, and one at the living room.


You can even remote view from PC or smartphone when you are on vacation outside your home.


Let our NVR system protect your peace of mind.

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